Food Pathogen Screening

Solus Scientific provide highly efficient food pathogen screening systems which test for the presence of pathogens in food and environmental swabs.  Using proven ELISA technology, Solus Salmonella, Solus Listeria and Solus E. coli O157 are ISO 16140 certified by AFNOR and are available in a choice of well formats.

Straightforward and affordable, Solus pathogen immunoassay systems provide faster time to results than conventional culture media techniques. The systems can be fully automated or used manually and are suitable for use in all pathogen food testing laboratories.

Offering a unique combination of efficiency, fast sample processing time and high sample throughput, Solus pathogen test systems achieve a much favourable cost per test in relation to other rapid technologies.  Saving technician time during the sample preparation process provides greater working flexibility and coupled with fully automated, walk away analysis saves even more time during the working day, allowing extra time for other laboratory tasks to be completed.

Available as a complete food pathogen screening solution, Solus Scientific provides instrumentation and selective enrichment media for Salmonella and Listeria screening.

Solus culture media has been developed specifically for use with their tests and is of consistent quality, which is extremely important for obtaining reproducible test results.  Solus media is available in powder or ready to use format in a range of different sizes.

To celebrate the launch of their new website, Solus are giving away a limited number of pathogen test kits for laboratory evaluation.  To claim your evaluation kit for Salmonella, Listeria or E. coli O157 please visit www.solusscientific.com/mytestkit  and complete your details on line.