Solus One™ Salmonella Immunoassay Kit Gains AOAC Certification for Herbs, Spices and Flavorings

Solus Scientific, a PerkinElmer Company providing food and environment pathogen testing systems, today announced that its Solus One™ Salmonella product has received AOAC Certification for use in testing herbs, spices and flavorings.

High Throughput & Improved Workflows Ups Pathogen Testing Productivity

Designed specifically to meet the demands for speed and accuracy in food testing, the Solus One Salmonella immunoassay kit delivers negative or presumptive positive results next day, with assay processing time requiring as little as 2.25 hours. Also, due to the automated liquid handling machine add-on, results for up to 558 samples can be created from a single machine in an 8-hour shift — with half of that time representing free time for technicians to concentrate on other work.

Additionally, on the front end of the workflow, only one sample enrichment is needed due to the proprietary media for highly targeted Salmonella growth.  Small supported sample sizes, e.g., 25g of cinnamon and paprika powder or whole black peppercorns, makes for easier and faster processing. Larger (375g) samples of herb and spice blends such as honey mustard onion seasoning are also covered.

“Pathogen analysis is a critical part of helping to secure the safety of the global food chain for consumers and to reduce the incidences of foodborne illnesses,” said Ray Wakefield, General Manager of Solus Scientific. “With this new AOAC certification for Solus One Salmonella, we are putting an important new tool in the hands of food scientists and producers for herbs, spices and flavorings which are becoming more prevalent in pre-prepared and processed foods.”

Q Laboratories also commented on the new extension to the Solus line up, “Speed, quality and reliability are paramount in food testing and Salmonella detection for herbs, spices and flavorings is becoming a key part of helping to ensure food safety,” said Erin Crowley Chief Scientific Officer at Q Laboratories. “As the independent lab who validated the Solus One Salmonella AOAC extension — and now a user ourselves for customer testing — we’ve experienced the streamlined power of this solution first hand. One game-changing element is the single step media enrichment process which has saved us hours of analysis time while also delivering high-quality results to our customers so they can put their products into the market with confidence.”

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Solus Scientific, a PerkinElmer company, provides highly efficient assays for the detection of Salmonella, Listeria and E. coli O157 in food and environmental samples. Each system includes a specifically designed immunoassay kit, dedicated selective enrichment media and automated liquid handling.  Our flagship products allow for rapid results and high throughput with easy preparation, simple protocols and “walk-away” automation capabilities. All our offerings are validated by external independent laboratories to AFNOR 16140 and certified by the AOAC Performance Tested Method program.  For additional information please visit www.solusscientific.com.


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