AFNOR for Solus E. coli O157

Great news!  Our Solus E. coli O157 test has achieved AFNOR certification.  The method is certified by AFNOR to ISO 16140 for the detection of E.coli O157 including H7, in raw beef meat products, raw milk and dairy products, vegetables and environmental samples.

Solus E.coli O157  is based on proven ELISA technology, and with just a single enrichment step, achieves a negative or presumptive result in 18-22 hours, including two hours for the assay.

Featuring high sensitivity and specificity, the test has a detection limit of 104 -105 cells per ml in the enrichment broth.

With no lengthy immunomagnetic separation or plating out steps, Solus E. coli O157 is much simpler and easier to perform in comparison with traditional methods.

Containing sufficient material for up to 93 determinations, the micro-well plate is supplied in breakable strip format, meaning the whole plate does not need to be used all at once and can be stored for future use.  All other components are supplied ready to use and the test can be used manually or fully automated.

To request a trial kit for evaluation purposes please visit https://www.solusscientific.com/mytestkit and complete your details on line.