AOAC for Solus Listeria and Salmonella

Solus Salmonella™ and Solus Listeria™ pathogen detection tests have been given Performance Tested Method status by the AOAC Research Institute (AOAC-RI) Listeria # 041601 for the detection of the Genus Listeria and # 051601 for the detection of the Genus Salmonella.

These approvals validates the assays as a wholly reliable method for detecting Listeria species in bagged lettuce, hot dogs, frozen raw shrimp, smoked salmon, soft cheese and from environmental surfaces and Salmonella species in raw beef trim (375g), raw salmon fillet, raw chicken, bagged lettuce, instant non-far dry milk, cheddar cheese, shell eggs and from environmental surfaces.

These tests already have AFNOR approval, so this just reinforces how good these tests are.

Solus Pathogen tests can be used in conjunction with the Solus DS2 automated system to provide pathogen detection for a scalable number of samples at any time. The Solus DS2 system provides accurate, easy-to-use, high-throughput and cost effective pathogen detection solutions, that customers have come to expect today.

The Solus DS2 system can run from 1 to 186 samples at a time, giving laboratories the capacity of almost 600 samples in an 8 hour day. One operator is easily able to manage two DS2 systems simultaneously, meaning the Solus DS2 system probably provides the ‘best pathogen detection productivity’ available on the market today.

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