Questions & Answers

I’d like to try the Solus system, who do I talk to?

To find out how you can acquire the Solus system for your lab, please contact us on 01623 429701 or email

Something is missing from my kit, who should I contact?

We aim to have the highest standards of quality control on our kits however if there is a problem, e.g. it’s been damaged during transport or a bottle of reagent is missing, please contact our Customer Service team on 01623 429701 or email

Help! Something’s gone wrong…

Accurate results depend on the proper use of the kit by following the instructions for use carefully. If the kit fails to perform according to specification please contact:

Solus Scientific Solutions Ltd
9 Mansfield Networkcentre
Millennium Business Park
Concorde Way
NG19 7JZ

Tel – +44 (0)1623 429701

Fax – +44 (0)1623 620977