Solus One Salmonella granted NF validation certification

We are delighted to announce that on December 4th, 2018 the AFNOR technical board granted Solus One Salmonella, NF validation certification. The method was compared to the reference method ISO 6579-1 (2017) following the validation protocol ISO 16140 (2016) for the detection of Salmonella in the following food categories: ready to eat, ready to reheat (excluding smoked products), heat processed milk and dairy products, and egg products. Read the AFNOR report.


This complements AOAC Performance testing methods program (PTM) certification of the same product, which was achieved in October 2018. The study demonstrated the kit to be equivalent to FDA BAM Chapter 5 for the detection of Salmonella from raw salmon, cheddar cheese, romaine lettuce, non-fat dry milk powder and selected environmental surfaces. And equivalent to the USDA laboratory manual 4.09 Isolation and Identification of Salmonella for detection from raw beef trim and pasteurized eggs. Read the AOAC report.

Additional Scope

To further support these claims we are also validating additional food matrices. In December our R&D team completed a study for the detection of Salmonella in raw meats. This study evaluated thirty four diverse samples as representative of products within the raw meat food category. The method was compared to the reference method ISO 6579-1 (2017) and meets the acceptability criteria for this food category. Read the full report.

We will continue to further develop the applicability of the Solus One Salmonella method to include other food categories. We already have encouraging results for detection of Salmonella in selected foods that are generally considered particularly difficult. Watch this space for more detail!