A First For Solus

To stay ahead in rapid food diagnostic testing, Ugene Laboratory Services in Singapore has installed its very first Solus pathogen screening system.  Perfectly meeting their needs and those of its clients, the Solus System excels in providing quick, consistent and accurate results.

The Solus pathogen system is able to process large numbers of samples in a single run using a fully automated procedure, significantly reducing the technician time required to handle samples and streamlining workflow.  The Solus system is well established using proven technology, producing rapid and reliable results with increased laboratory efficiency.

Prior to installing the new Solus system, Ugene Laboratory Services performed their pathogen detection using traditional culture techniques, renowned as labour intensive and slow methods, taking days to obtain results.  Now using the Solus system, time to result, labour, materials costs and waste are significantly reduced allowing them to offer faster, more competitive testing in their market place to satisfy their client needs.

The Solus System helps Ugene Laboratory Services support its initiatives by increasing productivity, and to achieve their ‘rapid service’ testing, allowing them to provide better services to their clients, by reducing report turnaround time.

Demonstrating technical competence, the Solus system is approved by AFNOR to ISO 17025, an internationally recognised standard, providing the ultimate confidence in pathogen screening to both clients and users worldwide.

In their commitment to provide the ultimate in rapid testing services for their customers, Ugene Laboratory Services have recently installed a world first, two-arm fully automated robot that can process food samples and conduct tests for contaminants, additives and bacteria.  Together, the Solus system and Ugene the robot create the ultimate rapid service test laboratory in Singapore.

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