What does the Solus One Salmonella Supplement do?

Solus One Salmonella Supplement, when added to BPW, inhibits the growth of competing flora. However unlike other supplement formulations, Salmonella are not suppressed by the supplement. This is a common problem of supplements containing brilliant green for example.

Therefore Salmonella will grow to levels that are easily detected by the immunoassay, when this supplement is used.

Dedicated media

Solus One Salmonella Supplement is part of our dedicated media range. The media in our range has been shown over time to perform consistently and reliably with our pathogen ELISA tests.

Good, consistent quality is important for the sensitive detection of target organisms and also the control of false positive results due to overgrowth of any background flora.

Solus dedicated media is available for our entire pathogen testing range in a number of convenient formats.

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