Do I need to pre-warm my supplemented BPW for Solus One Salmonella?

It depends on what sample size you are working with.

For standard 25g samples there’s no need to pre-warm the supplemented media. Although it wouldn’t cause you a problem if you did.

For 100g, 375g and environmental sponges or swabs you do need to pre-warm your supplemented media to 37°C.

How long do I need to pre-warm for? That will very much depend on the volume of media that you are working with. Obviously a 5L bottle would take longer to reach 37°C than a 1L bottle. During internal validation procedures, each lab should determine the most appropriate way to heat the supplemented BPW depending on volumes and incubator capacity. The following can be used as a guide.

For media batch volumes greater than 1 litre, media can be placed in walk-in incubators for a minimum of 16 hours (i.e. overnight). If walk-in incubators aren’t available, existing fan circulated incubators can be used that are capable of heating batches greater than 1 litre for a minimum of 16 hours. This will ensure the media is adequately heated to achieve maximum recovery of Salmonella from the sample.