Q Laboratories implement Solus One Listeria

Mansfield, UK – November 2, 2018. Solus Scientific is happy to announce that Q Laboratories, one of the world’s foremost microbiology testing laboratories, has chosen to implement the Solus One Listeria testing protocol into their suite of microbiology service offerings.

After performing the independent laboratory study for the AOAC PTM certification of Solus One Listeria, senior scientists at Q Laboratories were sufficiently impressed by the capabilities of the system that they decided to adopt it in their Microbiology Food testing lab.

Solus One Listeria is a highly efficient assay for next day detection of Listeria spp. in environmental samples. It provides a negative or presumptive positive result from a single enrichment step in under 25 hours. Solus One Listeria is a recent addition to our pathogen systems offerings.  These are comprised of specifically designed immunoassay kits, dedicated selective enrichment media and automated liquid handling.

Solus One Listeria significantly reduces technician hands-on time. High sample throughput can be achieved with a single instrument, giving any laboratory the ability to cope with fluctuating sample volumes and capacity to grow.

“Q Laboratories have been involved in the certification of many different pathogen testing systems and have extensive experience of the range of technologies available on the market. The fact that they have chosen to add our new Solus System to their environmental Listeria testing offerings is a fantastic endorsement of our technology” says Ray Wakefield Solus CEO.

“The Solus system is a good fit for our Food testing lab and could – in time – prove itself to be a real workhorse in the lab. The technicians can set up the automated DS2 and forget about it, which allows them more free time to perform other tasks. We are also generating far less waste than we did with our previous system. Additionally, we have been extremely happy with the responsiveness we’ve received from the Solus sales and support teams” says Erin Crowley, Chief Scientific officer at Q Labs.


Solus Scientific pathogen systems have been specifically developed with the constraints of a food testing environment in mind. Committed to food safety excellence Solus assays bring significant productivity benefits to the labs who employ them. Solus systems use proven, industry standard immunoassay technology that is easy to implement and use.

Founded in 2009 the Solus vision was to develop pathogen testing immunoassays with rapid time to result. The first dual enrichment pathogen kits completed AFNOR certification in 2013. Solus Pathogen immunoassays are manufactured within our UK production facility to the highest standards, which are tightly controlled within our ISO 9001 accredited quality system.

About Q Laboratories

Q Laboratories has served the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, health and beauty care, medical device, and dietary supplement industries since 1966, offering comprehensive microbiology, analytical chemistry, and research & development laboratory services. An independent laboratory, combining state-of-the-art technology with personal service and attention, Q Laboratories can provide services to meet all of your testing and quality assurance needs. Q Laboratories is ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited, GMP/GLP Compliant, FDA Registered, a MicroVal Expert Laboratory, an AOAC Recommended Laboratory, An AFNOR Expert Laboratory, CDC ELITE Certified for Legionella Detection in Water, and Certified by the Ohio EPA for Potable Water Microbiological Analysis.