• 18March
    To stay ahead in rapid food diagnostic testing, Ugene Laboratory Services in Singapore has installed its very first Solus pathogen screening system.  Perfectly meeting their needs and those of its clients, the Solus System excels in providing quick, consistent and accu[...]

  • 11November
    Solus Scientific provide highly efficient food pathogen screening systems which test for the presence of pathogens in food and environmental swabs.  Using proven ELISA technology, Solus Salmonella, Solus Listeria and Solus E. coli O157 are ISO 16140 certified by AFNOR [...]

  • 03November
    Great news!  Our Solus E. coli O157 test has achieved AFNOR certification.  The method is certified by AFNOR to ISO 16140 for the detection of E.coli O157 including H7, in raw beef meat products, raw milk and dairy products, vegetables and environmental samples. Solu[...]

  • 15September
    Solus Scientific Welcome Solus Scientific Welcome. We are thrilled to launch our new website after months in development.  Our main goal is to make our website easier to navigate and easier to view on mobile devices, and give it a fresh modern appearance.  Take a look[...]

  • 12August
    Our shiny new website is the very first stage of launching our brand new look, which you will see emerge over the next coming months. We are a relatively young company, formed when Solus Scientific acquired RayAl back in 2011. Since then, we’ve been growing interna[...]