• 14August
    Testing food for the presence of pathogens is critical for ensuring food safety. The standard method for performing these tests is based on culture and can take up to five days to obtain a result. Many alternative methods exist which provide results in a faster timefram[...]

  • 03August
    On the 27th of June CERTUS announced their entry into the food safety industry with the launch of the CERTUS System for rapid pathogen detection and environmental monitoring. CERTUS, a start-up company out in Chicago, IL, purchased exclusive licensing rights from Becton[...]

  • 20June
    We’ve recently investigated the use of a heating block for the heat kill step of our pathogen testing protocol which can significantly improve sample traceability when implemented along with a bar-code scanner. Our current method requires heating an aliquot of the sam[...]

  • 17May
    Welcome to our updated news page. We’ve made a few changes to our website recently which you might find useful. Take a look at our new Distributors page. Our international distributors list is ever growing so if you are in a region outside of the UK you can find the[...]

  • 17May
    FT-Apr17-eMag AsureQuality in New Zealand have recently introduced Solus pathogen testing systems for Salmonella and Listeria detection. Both AssureQuality laboratories in Auckland and Christchurch have gained IANZ accreditation to use Solus Salmonella and Listeria an[...]

  • 15August
    As part of our new Solus Scientific branding and marketing direction, we have produced a new animated corporate video and demonstration product video. Our Solus Scientific product demonstration will help to further engage with our potential customers when they visit our[...]

  • 06July
    Solus Salmonella™ and Solus Listeria™ pathogen detection tests have been given Performance Tested Method status by the AOAC Research Institute (AOAC-RI) Listeria # 041601 for the detection of the Genus Listeria and # 051601 for the detection of the Genus S[...]

  • 24March
    Solus were proud to support ALS testing services at their Kuala Lumpur site in Malaysia at a recent seminar highlighting the importance of pathogen detection in food safety testing. The seminar was attended by around 45 representatives from food manufacturers in Malaysi[...]

  • 18March
    To stay ahead in rapid food diagnostic testing, Ugene Laboratory Services in Singapore has installed its very first Solus pathogen screening system.  Perfectly meeting their needs and those of its clients, the Solus System excels in providing quick, consistent and accu[...]