• 03December
    Screening for Listeria in foods and environmental samples requires confirmation of any presumptive positive samples. The FDA and ISO methods involve isolation from presumptive positive samples using two agars with selectivity for Listeria. However, Solus Listeria and So[...]

  • 13November
    When selecting a lab to carry out testing, it is important to inspect the quality management system (QMS). The QMS ensures work is consistent and is of an appropriate standard. Good labs will have ISO accreditation to prove they consistently follow set standards within [...]

  • 08November
    Choosing the right pathogen testing method can have a big impact on a testing lab. There are many different types of pathogen testing methods on the market. Any independently certified method will be able to reliably identify the presence of pathogen in the sample. So w[...]

  • 02November
    Mansfield, UK – November 2, 2018. Solus Scientific is happy to announce that Q Laboratories, one of the world’s foremost microbiology testing laboratories, has chosen to implement the Solus One Listeria testing protocol into their suite of microbiology service off[...]

  • 24October
    Buffered Peptone Water (BPW) is widely used in the enrichment of Salmonella in pathogen detection assays. Similarly, we use BPW with a proprietary supplement in our new product, Solus One Salmonella, as the single enrichment media. For optimum results we recommend the[...]

  • 18October
    Mansfield, UK Marshfield, WI, US– October 18, 2018. Solus Scientific are proud to announce that ALS Marshfield (formerly Marshfield Food Safety) added Solus Salmonella and Solus Listeria to their scope of accreditation in August of this year. ALS Marshfield have now b[...]

  • 09October
    We are proud to announce the addition of Solus One Salmonella to our pathogens range. Solus One Salmonella is a highly efficient assay for the next day detection Salmonella in selected food and environmental samples. Our new assay provides a negative or a presumptive [...]

  • 19September
    Getting the numbers right Immunoassay systems are used to detect pathogen contamination at extremely low levels. This is often in food or environmental samples that are host to multiple other organisms. The challenge is to grow target pathogens to detectable levels wit[...]

  • 30August
    Meet Jaspreet Sahota (Jas) our new Sales Executive. Previous experience “I have always been intrigued by biology.  During my undergraduate degree in medical genetics at Leicester University I was drawn into the appeal of Microbiology, most importantly how such sm[...]