First Solus customer in Africa

Deltamune a South Africa based biotechnology company have recently adopted the Solus Scientific method for pathogen screening as part of their in food safety testing services. As such they are the first company in Africa to start using our system.

Why did they select Solus Scientific pathogen testing system?

Deltamune were previously using traditional culture for pathogen screening, and were exploring alternate methods for their laboratory. They ultimately selected Solus Scientific pathogen testing system because of the following benefits it provides:

  1. Huge savings on labour thus creating increased capacity in the laboratory. The traditional culture method of growing bacteria is slow and labour intensive.
  2. Number of samples than can be performed on any given day were more than other automated systems. Solus DS2 can process 192 samples in one run and 558 samples in an eight hour shift and the technician is free to walk away once the instrument is set up for a run.
  3. Easy to use. For technicians who are experienced in the culture method it’s a simple transition to Solus Pathogen testing systems.
  4. Rapid results. Negative and presumptive positive results within 36 hours.
  5. High specificity & sensitivity. Detection is 1 CFU per 25g of food product or swab prior to enrichment.
  6. Low cost consumables.
Salmonella method comparison  Solus  ISO 6579
Time to NEG result  36 hours  60 hours
Time to POS result  76 hours  80 hours
Technician time (200 tests)  356 mins  565 mins
Technician time (per test)  1.78 mins  2.83 mins