Changes are coming to Solus

*EDIT – Changes to bottle tops will appear in Salmonella kits from ES129 and Listeria kits EL101 onwards.

You will start to see printed plates in Salmonella kits from ES131 and Listeria kits EL101 onwards*

Time for a change

Spring is finally here in the UK and there’s no better time to make a few changes. Exciting changes that are happening here at Solus HQ in Mansfield. Our production facility has been getting a bit of a face-lift to allow for expansion and improvements. We’ve got some shiny new lab space, some happy new staff and some great new equipment. Read on to discover some of the changes that you will see in the next few weeks.

From tops…

We’re changing our bottle tops, but don’t panic! This is a very minor alteration that many probably wouldn’t even notice. We’re making the caps smaller on our reagent bottles. The bottles and caps will still be made from the same high quality material and there will be no alteration to the contents of the bottles. The only change is that the diameter of the neck of the bottles will be reduced. This change is to improve the manufacturing supply chain and workflow to allow us to keep up with growing demands. These bottles will start to appear in your kit boxes in the next few weeks so why not see how observant your staff and colleagues are?!

…to bottoms…well, bases.

As part of our improvements we’ve also added a new piece of kit to our production line-up and we’re quite excited about it! We’re now the proud owners of a high quality inkjet printer that allows us to directly label our plates. From now on we will be adding the batch number and expiry date directly onto the side of our plate bases. This change is in response to your desire for greater trace-ability. Look out for the new labelled plates in kits coming soon.

Coming soon

The most exciting change of all will be the launch of our new Solus One product range. The first of these products will be available very soon, watch this space!

Any questions?

If you have any questions regarding these changes or anything else to do with our kits then please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.


Can you help us?

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