• Q Laboratories implement Solus One Listeria

    Q Laboratories
    Mansfield, UK – November 2, 2018. Solus Scientific is happy to announce that Q Laboratories, one of the world’s foremost microbiology testing laboratories, has chosen to implement the Solus One L
  • Introducing Solus One Salmonella

    Solus One Salmonella
    We are proud to announce the addition of Solus One Salmonella to our pathogens range. Solus One Salmonella is a highly efficient assay for the next day detection Salmonella in selected food and envi
  • Jaspreet joins the sales team

    Jaspreet Sahota
    Meet Jaspreet Sahota (Jas) our new Sales Executive. Previous experience “I have always been intrigued by biology.  During my undergraduate degree in medical genetics at Leicester University I w
  • Solus opens operations in the USA

    Solus Cincinnati
    Today we announced the opening of our first overseas operation, Solus Scientific Solutions Inc. in the USA. The new US facility will be run by General Manager Brad Shouse and will serve as a sales and
  • Introducing Solus One Listeria

    Solus One Listeria kit
    We are proud to introduce Solus One Listeria. A highly efficient assay for the next day detection of Listeria spp. in environmental samples. Solus One Listeria provides a negative or a presumptive pos
  • Sales executive opportunity

    ELISA microplate
    Want to join our team? As Solus continues to expand we are recruiting for a new Sales Executive to join the team. We need someone to grow and manage a territory in the North of the UK who will take o
  • Changes are coming to Solus

    Bottles and plates
    *EDIT – Changes to bottle tops will appear in Salmonella kits from ES129 and Listeria kits EL101 onwards. You will start to see printed plates in Salmonella kits from ES131 and Listeria kits EL1
  • Easy Cheesey Listeria Detection

    They say you should “always open with a joke”. So, here goes. Why did the one-legged clown leave the cheese circus? Because he couldn’t get his Stilt on! 😀 Anyway, moooooving on… In the UK
  • New DS Matrix training video available

    DS Matrix image
    Solus training Here at Solus Scientific we enjoy training and supporting our customers because we want you to get the best out of our products. We offer on-site New User training to completely new cus