Food Safety Excellence

Solus Scientific manufactures laboratory diagnostic testing systems for the food safety industry.

Our systems test for the presence of pathogens or allergens in foodstuffs and provide rapid detection of raw meat species in foods.

Using proven technology that is simple, practical and affordable, our immunoassay tests are easy to implement yet produce rapid results.

Ultimately, we supply the tools that protect the reputation of thousands and the health of millions, all over the world.


Dedicated media


Meat Species Identification


After a couple of months of planning, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new Solus Scientific website . . .

Want to be a distributor?

We are currently looking to sign up more enterprising businesses that have a like-minded approach to quality and a similar enthusiasm for the food testing sector.

Solus technology

The Solus Method is the most cost efficient and least labour intensive of all the methods

The comparison demonstrates the cost effectiveness and efficiency of the Solus automated system in relation to other technologies such as PCR, traditional culture media method and a standard immunoassay system

Solus method allows reduction of technician processing time, leading to improved workforce productivity and profitability

Technology comparison

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